TARGA 27.2 - Wins Motor Boat of the Year!

We are so excited about the all-new 27.2, and are very proud of this prestigious recognition. The Targa 27.2 is a motorboating legend for the future.

From: Targa.fi

“Together with David & Amanda Adams from our British dealer Wessex Marine, we at Botnia Marin had the true pleasure to receive the award for the Targa 27.2 as the winner in its own category Wheelhouse & Cockpit Cruisers at the Motor Boat Awards 2019! The ceremony was held in London on Tuesday evening the 5th of May 2019.

This is a great proof of appreciation for the new model. On behalf of the whole team and everyone that have been and are involved in the development and production of the boat, we can say that we are very proud and happy for this prestigious recognition.

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The motivation of the jury is very convincing and overwhelming:

“The Botnia range is one that defines a genre. If you’re after a wheelhouse cruiser that will take you anywhere all year round then a Targa is the obvious choice. It’s just a question of picking which size you want. The 27.2 is a sweetspot in the sweetest of ranges. It’s compact enough to be manageable single-handed and not too expensive to berth but big enough to tackle conditions that would send far larger craft back down their own wake trail, tails between legs. It is as tough as old boots yet it has the agility and performance of Nike running spikes. In the Blackline trim it even looks more modern, while still retaining the timeless Targa appeal. This is a boat that has to be driven to be believed, preferably in a gale with sheets of water slapping off the impenetrable hull. Even by Botnia’s own lofty standards, the 27.2 is exceptional.”

In addition to this win, the Targa 27.2 has been nominated (a finalist) for the Motorboat of the Show 2018 in Helsinki, for the Best of Boats Award 2018 in Berlin and for the European Powerboat of the Year 2019 in Düsseldorf.”

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